Since 2006 — Made In Juárez

Electronic underground music nightclub in Ciudad Juárez, México. Founded in 2006. Host of the best underground electronic DJs in the world, ranging from House to Techno.

Day 20 Month 07 Year 24

Lindsey Herbert

Truncate / Nechto, Los Angeles.

Day 27 Month 07 Year 24


Hardpop & Vatos Locos Present: Futurist. — Dmitri Saidi / Mike.D

Day 03 Month 08 Year 24


Drumcode, São Paulo.

Day 10 Month 08 Year 24


Artcore / Trip / Embargo, United Kingdom.

Day 20 Month 09 Year 24

Layton Giordani

Drumcode, New York.

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